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Deep vertical integration of supply chain

Starting from OEM, Hon Hai has been moving from OEM, ODM and IDM all the way to the current iidm (innovation integration design manufacturing) innovative integrated design and manufacturing service, that is, it provides not only processing and manufacturing with supplied materials, but also one-stop complete services from key components, core technology innovation, software and hardware integration to industrial design, connecting and integrating the most upstream components of the electronic industry chain to both ends of customers with product needs.

Extensive international regional layout

By connecting the operational research and management capabilities of business offices in more than 20 countries around the world, making good use of different advantages in various places, flexibly giving play to the comprehensive effect of scale, strengthening the international strategic layout of customer service, product manufacturing and industrial supply chain, and establishing a diversified industrial platform. Provide one-stop customer service, R & D in two places, design and manufacturing in three regions, and global assembly and delivery.

Innovative smart technology services

Hon Hai continues to take "wisdom" as the core, and through innovative integrated design and manufacturing services (iidm), it is committed to building a smart manufacturing and intelligent supply chain that integrates software and hardware for global benchmark customers, becoming an all-round Smart Life provider.
Consumer electronics
Consumer electronic products for personal use, including smart phones, functional phones, wearable devices, etc., as well as smart entertainment systems and devices in family life, including TV sets, game consoles, on-board boxes, speakers, etc. It covers consumer electronics and some communications in the 3C product category defined by the outside world in the past.
Cloud network products
Relevant cloud network equipment required by enterprises and general consumers to use network communication and cloud space, including routers, servers, edge computing, data centers, satellite communications and other related equipment.
Computer terminal products
The electronic computing equipment required for work and life, as well as the electronic computing products required for office work, including desktop computers, notebook computers, tablet computers, business computers, printers, etc., cover the category of computing in the 3C product category defined by the outside world in the past.
Components and other products
It involves the manufacturing and development of key components and technical parts in the upstream of the industry, including connectors, precision optical components, lenses, electronic components, semiconductor products, automotive electronic parts, tools / moulds and mechanical equipment. In addition, the fields of logistics warehousing, software development, medical care services, and industrial Internet integration solutions also belong to this category.
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