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What are the pain points of displays suitable for infrared detectors?    Date:2024-06-28

The display screen for infrared detectors mainly faces the following pain points:

Resolution problem:

Infrared images generally represent the temperature distribution of the scene, reflecting the difference in the outward radiation energy of the target and the background, and are grayscale images. The pixel resolution of infrared images is usually low, which may cause the image displayed on the display screen to be not clear enough.

The resolution of the infrared detector directly affects the final imaging effect. For example, although 1280x1024 resolution is high resolution, 640x512 specifications are more common, which limits the display of image details.

Contrast problem:

Infrared images have low contrast and blurred edges. Infrared images have a high dynamic range. When the temperature range of the observed scene is wide, the dynamic range of the infrared image output will be large, and the display mostly outputs 8bit data, which may lead to reduced contrast.

Infrared image contrast optimization usually requires the use of techniques such as histogram equalization to improve the contrast of the image, but this may also introduce other problems, such as noise enhancement.

Noise problem:

Infrared imaging systems will bring a variety of noises to infrared images, such as thermal noise, shot noise, etc. These noises may appear as a degradation of image quality on the display.

Data transmission and display limitations:

Most infrared imaging devices output 14-bit raw data, while displays mostly output 8-bit data. This data conversion may result in loss of image information.

Adaptability of display screens:

Infrared detectors may need to be used in a variety of environments, including extreme temperature and brightness conditions. The display screen needs to be able to adapt to these environments while maintaining image clarity and contrast.

In summary, displays suitable for infrared detectors need to address pain points such as resolution, contrast, noise, data transmission and display limitations, and environmental adaptability to provide high-quality infrared image display.

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