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What are the characteristics of the display screen used in infrared detectors?    Date:2024-06-25

The display screens used by infrared detectors, especially those combined with infrared touch screen technology, have the following characteristics:


Various touch modes:

The advantage of infrared touch screens is that they allow touches to be made using fingers, pens, or any object that blocks light. This flexibility provides users with a variety of ways to interact.

Advantages of flat-panel displays:

On flat-panel displays, such as LCDs, infrared touch screens have considerable advantages. This is because when used on spherical displays, the infrared grating matrix is ​​required to be on the same plane, while this problem does not exist on flat-panel displays.

Environmental adaptability:

Infrared detection technology itself is superior to visible light in environmental adaptability, especially at night and in bad weather, and its working ability is stronger.

Concealment and security:

Infrared detectors generally receive signals from targets passively, which makes them safer, more confidential, and less susceptible to interference than radar and laser detection.

Ability to identify camouflaged targets:

Infrared detection uses the infrared radiation characteristics formed by the temperature difference and emissivity difference between the target and the background for detection, so the ability to identify camouflaged targets is better than visible light.

System characteristics:

Infrared detection systems are usually small in size, light in weight, low in power consumption, and have a wide spectral response range, extending from short waves to long waves.

Specifically speaking of the display screen technology of infrared detectors, especially medium and long wave infrared detectors, they have achieved the development and application from unit/linear array detectors to multi-color focal plane arrays. This technological development has reduced the pixel spacing of infrared detectors, achieved a better level of NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference), and the detection wavelength can reach very long waves, realizing multi-color and hyperspectral detection.


In summary, the display screen used by infrared detectors combines the advantages of infrared touch screen technology, providing a variety of touch methods, good environmental adaptability, concealment and security, and excellent camouflage target recognition capabilities. At the same time, with the continuous development of infrared detector technology, the performance of the display screen is also constantly improving.

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