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What are the pain points of displays suitable for e-bikes?    Date:2024-06-19

The pain points of electric bicycle display screens are mainly concentrated in the following aspects:


Single function does not match user needs:

The functions of electric bicycle display screens on the current market are relatively simple, mainly displaying basic information such as vehicle speed, battery power, and remaining mileage.

With the development of the electric bicycle industry, users' functional requirements for display screens have gradually increased, hoping that the display screen can display more real-time data, such as the energy consumption of electric vehicles, battery temperature, motor power, etc., so as to better understand the status and performance of the vehicle.

Insufficient reliability and durability:

Electric bicycles are affected by factors such as vibration and temperature changes during driving, which makes the display screen prone to failure and damage.

In order to ensure that the display screen can operate reliably in various environments, the display screen needs to have high shock resistance and durability.

Poor user experience:

Some electric bicycle display screens have problems such as complex operation and unfriendly interface, which brings certain troubles to users.

The brightness and color reproduction of the display screen also need to be improved to provide a better visual experience.

Cost and maintenance issues:

The cost of electric bicycle display screens is relatively high. Once a failure occurs, it needs to be replaced, which is relatively expensive compared to other parts.

The maintenance and repair of the display screen also requires certain professional knowledge and technology, which increases the user's cost of use.

Lack of innovation and diversity:

The electric bicycle display screens on the market currently lack innovation and diversity, most products have similar functions, and lack competitive new products.

Users' personalized needs for display screens cannot be met, which limits the further development of the market.

In order to solve these pain points, electric bicycle display screen manufacturers need to continue to innovate and improve, and provide more advanced, reliable, and user-friendly display screen products. For example, by improving the resolution and brightness of the display screen, improving the operating interface, adding new functions, etc. to improve the user experience; using high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes to improve product reliability and durability; focusing on product innovation and diversity, and launching more competitive new products to meet user needs.

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