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What is the difference between LCD display and LED display?    Date:2023-12-04

Both LED displays and LCD displays are familiar to users. They are mostly used in the production of TVs, mobile phones, etc. In this issue, we will introduce to you the differences between LCD displays and LED displays.


1. Principles of LCD and LED


LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display. Its structure mainly places the liquid crystal between two parallel pieces of glass. There are many vertical and horizontal thin wires between the two parallel pieces of glass. By energizing or not, the rod-shaped crystal molecules are controlled to change direction, refract light, and create pictures.


LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode. Its working principle is that in the PN junction of some semiconductor materials, when the injected minority carriers combine with the majority carriers, the excess energy will be released in the form of light, thereby directly converting electrical energy into light energy; PN junction When a reverse voltage is applied, it is difficult for minority carriers to be injected, so it does not emit light. This kind of diode made by injecting the principle of electroluminescence is called a light-emitting diode, which is also commonly known as LED.


2. The difference between LCD and LED


The bigger difference between LCD and LED lies in the application of two different display technologies. LCD is a display screen composed of liquid crystals, while LED is a display screen composed of light-emitting diodes. Its main difference also comes from this analysis.


1. Difference in brightness


The brightness of LED is 3500-5500 cd/m2, and the brightness of LCD is 250-1500 cd/m2. The LCD screen has low brightness and is not suitable for outdoor and indoor use with strong light. The LED display screen is not limited by the strength of the optical fiber.


2. Differences in power consumption


The power of a conventional LED display screen per square meter is about 450W, and the power of a conventional LCD screen is about 350W per square meter. The power consumption of a normal LED display screen per square meter is greater than that of an LCD screen. In certain places, the brightness of the LED display can also be lowered to reduce power consumption.


3. Differences in color reproduction


LED emits light through the chip, and the color saturation is high; LCD emits light through the liquid crystal back, and the color reproduction is average. In addition, there is a certain color difference in each liquid crystal unit, resulting in the overall color being average.


4. Differences in image quality

When viewed at a close distance, such as viewing a screen within 1 meter, the LCD screen has a delicate picture quality and high definition; the LED display screen has a grainy lamp bead and average clarity. However, when viewed from a normal visual distance of 2 meters away, there is not much difference in image quality between the two. Of course, the image quality and clarity are also related to the model of the LED display. The image quality of the small-pitch LED display is also very clear when viewed at close range.


5. Functional differences


In terms of function, in fact, the two are only used as a display function, and there is no essential difference. They both have the function of playing videos, pictures, PPT and other materials.


The above is an introduction to the differences between LED displays and LCD displays. As for which one is better, it depends on the main purpose and the environment in which it is used. Whether it is an LED screen or an LCD screen, there are many differences between the two screens. Its different, but in reality the uses are mainly for display. Its just that the application fields are measured according to the needs.

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