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What are the effects of choosing the resolution of an electric bicycle display?    Date:2024-06-21

The resolution selection of the electric bicycle display has a significant impact on the riding experience and display effect. Here is a detailed analysis of the impact of resolution selection:

Display clarity:

A high-resolution (such as 480x800, 1024x600 or higher) display can provide a clearer and more detailed display, allowing cyclists to more accurately read information on the dashboard, such as vehicle speed, power, mileage, etc.

Low-resolution displays may have problems such as grainy pixels and blurred images, which may affect the reading experience of cyclists.

Information presentation:

The high-resolution display can carry more information content, such as navigation maps, riding modes, fault prompts, etc., providing cyclists with more comprehensive and detailed riding information.

Low-resolution displays may not be able to present too much information at the same time due to limited display space, limiting cyclists' information acquisition.

Visual experience:

The color performance of the high-resolution display is fuller, more vivid, and the contrast is higher, allowing riders to clearly see the content on the dashboard even in sunlight.

Low-resolution displays may have problems such as color distortion and insufficient brightness, which affect the visual experience of cyclists.

Cost factors:

High-resolution displays are relatively expensive to produce and may increase the overall selling price of e-bikes.

Cyclists need to choose the right resolution based on their budget and needs.

Durability and reliability:

Whether it is a high-resolution or low-resolution display, it needs to have good durability and reliability to adapt to the use of electric bicycles in various complex road and weather conditions.

When choosing a display screen, in addition to paying attention to the resolution, you also need to consider factors such as its protection level, waterproof and dustproof performance.

To sum up, the resolution selection of the electric bicycle display has an important impact on the riding experience and display effect. Cyclists need to choose the appropriate resolution based on their needs and budget to ensure a good riding experience and information acquisition. At the same time, when choosing a display screen, you also need to pay attention to factors such as its durability and reliability.

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