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The road of innovation for military display manufacturers    Date:2024-03-19

Military LCD screens are liquid crystal display devices designed and manufactured specifically for military use. They must meet the requirements for use in extreme environmental conditions and meet high standards in terms of performance, reliability and safety. Here are some key features of military LCD screens:


Resistant to harsh environments: Able to adapt to various harsh environmental conditions, including high and low temperatures (such as -40°C to 85°C or wider temperature range), humidity, vibration, shock, sand dust, salt spray, etc., ensuring outdoor combat, vehicle-mounted It can work normally in various complex environments such as shipboard and airborne.


Wide-temperature operation: Using specially designed wide-temperature liquid crystal materials and technology, the display can quickly start up and maintain clear and stable image display at low temperatures without heating.


Strong light visibility: Through anti-glare and anti-flicker screen processing technology, good visual effects can be ensured even under strong direct sunlight.


High reliability and long life: Military displays require extremely high durability and service life, often with ruggedized designs to prevent damage caused by mechanical stress and redundant backup systems to reduce the risk of failure.


Electromagnetic compatibility: It complies with strict military standards, has excellent electromagnetic compatibility, reduces the impact of electromagnetic interference on display performance, and effectively prevents electromagnetic leakage to ensure information security.


High-strength protection: Use tempered glass, stainless steel or aluminum front panel that meets NEMA 4/IP65 protection level to ensure that the device is not damaged by physical impact, liquid intrusion, etc.


Security and confidentiality: Supports advanced data encryption and security authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized information access and attacks.


Embedded design: Easy to integrate into complex weapon systems and command and control systems, with a variety of installation methods (such as panel embedded,wall-mounted, rack-mounted or VESA cantilever installation), and provides customized input/output interfaces to adapt to different Platform requirements.


High-performance real-time display: short response time, fast computing speed, capable of high-speed data transmission and real-time image display tasks, which is crucial for applications such as tactical situational awareness and precision strikes.


Low power consumption and lightweight: Despite their solid structure, modern military LCD displays still need to focus on energy saving and lightweight design to meet the needs of modern war equipment.


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