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What is HDR in industrial display?    Date:2024-01-16

In industrial displays, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a high-quality dynamic range image technology that can present richer colors and a wider brightness range in images. HDR technology can combine multiple photos with different exposures into one high dynamic range photo, showing more realistic colors and finer details. HDR technology is widely used in devices such as digital cameras, smartphones, TVs, and monitors.


For example, HDR400 means that the screen meets the HDR standard. First, it ensures that the brightness of this monitor can reach 400 nits; second, it ensures that the color depth of this monitor is native 8Bit and above. The impact of HDR on screen effects.


After turning on HDR, the effect of the screen will change significantly. First of all, HDR can present a higher brightness range, making the picture brighter and more delicate, and presenting a more realistic light and shadow effect. Secondly, HDR can present richer colors, making the colors of the picture more vivid and realistic.


With the help of HDR technology, the screen can present more details and a wider brightness range, making the picture more realistic and natural. At the same time, HDR technology can also reduce image distortion and color deviation, making the image clearer and more detailed.


HDR application scenarios

HDR technology is widely used in televisions, HDR monitors, HDR smartphones, HDR digital cameras and other devices. In TVs and industrial displays, HDR can present more realistic picture effects, allowing viewers to be more immersed in the image world. In smartphones and digital cameras, HDR can make the photos taken more realistic and natural, showing more details and colors.


At the same time, HDR technology can also be applied in games. By turning on the HDR mode, the game screen can present more realistic light and shadow effects and richer colors, making the game more immersive and real.


Under what circumstances is it better to turn HDR off or on:

When watching TV, watching computers, or playing games, it is good to turn on HDR and have high picture quality, but it will cause low frame rates. The best partner for HDR: OLED TV.


If you need to restore the real scene when taking pictures in a scene, it is generally better to turn it off, because it will cause distortion. Normally turning on the HDR image will synthesize the final image, which will have better visual effects in the real environment.


Development Trends of HDR Technology

With the continuous development of technology, HDR technology is also constantly improving and improving. In the future, HDR technology will become more popular and mature, becoming standard equipment in various devices. At the same time, HDR technology will also be widely used in virtual reality, augmented reality and other fields, making users more immersed in the virtual world.


In addition, HDR technology will also be combined with other technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technologies, to further improve the quality of the picture and the user experience.


In short, the development trend of HDR technology is to continuously improve and improve, allowing users to get a more realistic and natural experience in watching movies, taking photos, and gaming.


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