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EUROTECH is one of the world's largest stock operators and distributors of LCDs as well as electronic components. We offer the most complete range of products, from active, passive and electromechanical components to memory and specialty products. All from the world’s top manufacturers. EUROTECH helps our OEM and EMS customers deliver innovative technology to the world. As a global distributor, we supply parts for virtually any application including: industrial device, hand-held device, medical equipment, aircraft /submarine, entertainment, OEM/design, , personal computing and storage, industrial, military/aerospace, telecommunications, smart technologies, consumer electronics, OEM/design, the Internet of Things (IoT), and so much more. Our objective is to bring value to our customers' supply chain. As a result, we developed a line card that includes the products and manufacturers our customers can depend on.

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Model No Manufacturer Display Size Resolution(Pixels) Display Mode QTY Request Details
LTP280QV-E01 Samsung 2.8 240*320 transflective 1000pcs View Details
LTP350QV-E06 Samsung 3.5 2000pcs View Details
LTE430WQ-F0C Samsung 4.3 480*272 unknown 2000pcs View Details
LMS480JC01 Samsung 4.8 1024*600 unknown 2000pcs View Details
LTV350QV-F04 Samsung 3.5 320*240 unknown 2000pcs View Details
LMS300CC04 Samsung 3.0 640*480 1000pcs View Details
LMS350GF12 Samsung 3.5 320*240 1000pcs View Details
LMS430HF03 Samsung 4.3 480*272 1000pcs View Details
LMS480HF02 Samsung 4.8 480*272 1000pcs View Details
LMS700KF05 Samsung 7.0 800*480 1000pcs View Details
LMS700KF06 Samsung 7.0 800*480 1000pcs View Details
LMS700KF07 Samsung 7.0 800*480 1000pcs View Details
LTE400WQ-E01 Samsung 4.0 480*272 transflective 1000pcs View Details
LSC430FN01-W  Samsung 43 3840*2160 transmissive 1000pcs View Details
LTY490HN04  Samsung 48 1920*1080 transmissive 1000pcs View Details
LTL101AL06-W14  Samsung 10.1 1280*800 1000pcs View Details
LTN141AT08-304  Samsung 14.1 1280*800 transmissive 1000pcs View Details
LTN156FL03-D01  Samsung 15.6 3840*2160 1000pcs View Details
PM12HC002C  Samsung 1.7 128*160 1000pcs View Details
LTM270DL11-C01  Samsung 27.0 2560*1440 transmissive 1000pcs View Details

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