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Eurotech is a worldwide supplier and exporter of electronic components, specializing in ICs, LCDs, Memory, Chips, computer parts, networking equipments and other passive components. Eurotech offers a variety of inventory business solution to meet the needs of our customers, which allows us to partner with customers to provide the best ROI on their excess inventory.


Main Manufacturers: Texas Instruments, ST, Molex, Microchip, Infineon, Analog Devices, Nvidia, Intel, Micron, muRata, Vishay, Bourns, Cypress, NXP, Onsemi Microsemi, E2V, TE, CUI, Allegro, Honeywell, KEMET, KYOCERA, Littelfuse, Renesas, ROHM, Silicon, Nexperia, Diodes, TDK, etc.


Main Components: CPUS, Memory Modules, Displays and Panels, Peripherals, Drives, Flash products, Passives, Actives, MLCCs, Memory components, Connectors, Boards,etc.


Main Applications: Consumer Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Mobile, Solar, Oil and Gas, Medical, Cloud, Automotive, Computing, IoT, Automation, E-Commerce, Gaming, etc.

Main Services: Cost Savings, Obsolescence, Product Lifecycle, Shortage Sourcing, Vendor-Manged Inventory, Excess Inventory Solutions, Custom Solutions, Enterprise IT Support, BOM Buyback, etc.

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Model No Manufacturer Type QTY Request Details
BMW X5 LCD BMW 6.5 100 View Details
PW554 TI MCU microcontroller 2450 View Details
DAC8830 TI MCU microcontroller 3501 View Details
INA826 TI MCU microcontroller 4125 View Details
TL082IDR TI MCU microcontroller 4120 View Details
LM358 TI MCU microcontroller 5630 View Details
HC574 TI MCU microcontroller 2565 View Details
TLV2372IDR TI MCU microcontroller 1560 View Details
TLC7225C TI MCU microcontroller 2540 View Details
BMW 16:9 Alpine Bordmonitor E53 X5 LCD Sharp 6.5 100 View Details
BMW 16:9 Alpine Bordmonitor E38, E39 and E46 LCD Sharp 6.5 100 View Details
SN75LBC184 TI MCU microcontroller 2528 View Details
BMW E46, E39, 353 LCD Sharp 6.5 100 View Details
BMW X5 (07) LCD Sharp 8.0 100 View Details
2008 BMW X5 LCD Sharp 8.0 100 View Details
BMW E70 LCD Sharp 8.8 100 View Details
CD4067BM TI MCU microcontroller 3250 View Details
CD4067BM TI MCU microcontroller 3550 View Details
DRV632 TI MCU microcontroller 6502 View Details
STM8S003F3U6TR QFN-20 STM MCU microcontroller 2550 View Details

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