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EUROTECH`s supply chain solutions offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract manufacturers (CMs) and original design manufacturers (ODMs) flexible processes with attention to detail to help reduce costs, increase returns and drive recovery revenue – all within a full suite of solutions that are competitive, sustainable and scalable in virtually any environment or geography.
EUROTECH purchases your excess and obsolete inventory and remarkets it through our global sales channels. EUROTECH partners with your organization to take “consignment” of excess inventory. Materials arethen remarketed through our global sales channels, with proceeds returned through a mutually agreed upon shared revenue program.
We provides the quickest time to market while clients maintain possession of their inventory throughout the sales process. Features include a global infrastructure, marketing expertise and demand creation through our established end-user customer network.
Utilizing a unique in-depth approach, Eurotech is able to define target market segments that have a demand for your product and then consult with your team on market options available, to maximize your total asset value recovery and velocity, all while minimizing overall risk.
For more information on managing your excess inventory and surplus LCD electronic components, please contact:

Parts We Need

Model No Manufacturer Display Size Resolution(Pixels) Display Mode QTY We Need
HX104X03-100 HYDIS 10.4 1024*768 transflective 830pcs To Sell
NL6448BC33-95D NEC 10.4 640*480 transflective 50pcs To Sell
NL3224BC35-20 NLT 5.5 320*240 transflective 1000pcs To Sell
LD070WS1-SL02  LG 7.0 1024*600 transflective 350pcs To Sell
AA050MC01 MITSUBISHI 5.0 800*480 transflective 200pcs To Sell
LM215WF3-SLC1 LG 21.5 1920*1080 transmissive 900pcs To Sell
AMS499QP42-0 samsung 5.0 1080*1920 OLED 100000pcs To Sell
LQ104S1DG2A sharp 10.4 800*600 transmissive 500pcs To Sell
LT104AC54000 TOSHIBA 10.4 640*480 transmissive 850pcs To Sell
AA121TD11 MITSUBISHI 12.1 1280*800 transmissive 500pcs To Sell
M200HJJ-L20 INNOLUX 20.0 1920*1080 transmissive 200pcs To Sell
NL3224BC35-20 NLT 5.5 320*240 transmissive 600pcs To Sell
LP156WF4-SLB5 LG 15.6 1920*1080 transmissive 5000pcs To Sell
LTA154C240F TOSHIBA 15.4 1280*800 transmissive 1500pcs To Sell
LQ050Q5DR01 sharp 5.0 320*240 transmissive 2000pcs To Sell
NL10276BC20-08 NLT 10.4 1024*768 transmissive 1050pcs To Sell
LP140WH8-TPC1 LG 14.0 1366*768 transmissive 500pcs To Sell
LMS700KF23 samsung 7.0 800*480 TMR 5000pcs To Sell
LQ181E1LW31 sharp 18.1 1280*1024 transflective 500pcs To Sell
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