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Eurotech is a worldwide supplier and exporter of electronic components, specializing in ICs, LCDs, Memory, Chips, computer parts, networking equipments and other passive components. Eurotech offers a variety of inventory business solution to meet the needs of our customers, which allows us to partner with customers to provide the best ROI on their excess inventory.

Today, we keep close business ties with many manufacturers and agents, sharing stock information with each other, which ensures our customers the best possible pricing on materials as well as confident access to obsolete, shortage, urgent and hard to find components.

At Eurotech, we are continuously making advancements in our quality control processes to fight back against the threat of counterfeit components. Except visual inspection, we also offer additional and comprehensive testing for components that have been identified as vulnerable or at high rish for counterfeiting in our supply chain.
With shorter component life cycles and ever-changing market demands, todays business are often forced to procure smarter. With our distribution network, Eurotech can assure the quick market access to critical electronic components in demand.

Main Manufacturers: Texas Instruments, ST, Molex, Microchip, Infineon, Analog Devices, Nvidia, Intel, Micron, muRata, Vishay, Bourns, Cypress, NXP, Onsemi Microsemi, E2V, TE, CUI, Allegro, Honeywell, KEMET, KYOCERA, Littelfuse, Renesas, ROHM, Silicon, Nexperia, Diodes, TDK, etc.

Main Components: CPUS, Memory Modules, Displays and Panels, Peripherals, Drives, Flash products, Passives, Actives, MLCCs, Memory components, Connectors, Boards,etc.

Main Applications: Consumer Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Mobile, Solar, Oil and Gas, Medical, Cloud, Automotive, Computing, IoT, Automation, E-Commerce, Gaming, etc.

Main Services: Cost Savings, Obsolescence, Product Lifecycle, Shortage Sourcing, Vendor-Manged Inventory, Excess Inventory Solutions, Custom Solutions, Enterprise IT Support, BOM Buyback, etc.

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